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Oklahoma State University

Welcome to Telecommunication at OSU

Who We Are

We are the Telecommunication Department under Oklahoma State University's Information Technology Department

What We Do

The Telecommunications group plans, builds and maintains connectivity for Telephone Services and Network Infrastructure Campus Wide; Including VoIP and Analog Phones, Wired and Wireless Network for the OSU Stillwater campus.

  • Campus Network Connectivity
  • Campus Telephone Services
  • Cellular Service Agreements
  • Secure OSU Network Backbone
  • Campus Internet Connections (Provided by OneNet)
  • Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • Network Jack Activation & Repair
  • Network Statistics
  • BootP/DHCP
  • Connectivity for Off-Campus OSU Facilities
  • Planning for Network Growth and Upgrades to Current Infrastructure
  • Administration of OSU Network Name and Address Space
  • Administration of OSU Network Connections to Other Networks
  • Network Maintenance

Information Technology at Oklahoma State University


The Information Technology Department provides innovative, reliable, and integrated technology solutions, quality services, and information resources.


The Information Technology Department will:

  • Be a recognized and effective force in using technology to support the ongoing mission and goals of Oklahoma State University;
  • Be a national exemplar in providing advanced, innovative technology solutions in higher education, and in using technology to streamline and simplify the business and lessen the process loads of people within the OSU community;
  • Be a leader in the seamless integration of the OSU system and an enabling force for the delivery of its services to the citizens of Oklahoma and beyond;
  • Work with partners across Oklahoma for a more effective use of technology by all throughout the state;
  • Provide services to enable effective communication, collaboration, and coordination among the components of the OSU system to enhance teaching, learning, research, and public service;
  • Be recognized for excellence in achieving customer satisfaction and providing high quality customer service and information delivery.