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Oklahoma State University


Key Advisors?

Key Advisors are selected departmental staff who manage transactions and requests between the departmental area and IT Telecommunications.

Please forward all requests though them for additional services or changes in services as those changes may be billed to your Department.

***Analog and Digital phones across campus will no longer be in service soon so please plan accordingly.

Network Devices Policy

Are wireless routers allowed in my dorm?


Doing so is a violation of the Network Devices Policy and can cause your devices to be banned from the network until IT Security is contacted and a new User Agreement is signed.

IT strives to provide high availability and stable network resources relevant to the OSU community's needs. Colleges or Departments needing additional network resources should contact the IT Help Desk.


How do I check for known IT outages on campus?

You can check for IT outages on the OSU IT Announcements Page under Offsite Links.

How do I report the internet is not working in a location?

You can contact the OSU Helpdesk to narrow down the issue, to determine if it’s your pc/phone or if it’s the actual connection. They will forward to us if it is an actual network issue.


What is a Network Jack Activation or Repair Request?

A Jack Activation Request is a request to turn on (activate) a jack that has not been used and is not currently active/enabled.

A Jack Repair Request is a request to check and repair a jack that had previously been working but currently appears to have a problem.

To submit a request/repair call the Helpdesk at (405)744-HELP, or send an email to or simply fill out the Network Jack Activating and Repair form from the menu.


To use OSUSTUDENT, simply login to the network on your mobile device with your O-Key username and password. Re-authentication is not required until your password expires or is updated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk by e-mail at, by phone at (405) 744-HELP (4357), or stop by Deskside Support at 113 Math Sciences.

For information on how to configure your wireless network settings, please see OSUSTUDENT Device Setup.

Click here to view the OSU Wireless coverage map

Why don't I have wireless all across campus?

While our wireless connectivity throughout campus is extensive it does not cover all areas. Our Wireless Map can be found here.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

How do I customize my VoIP phone?

Login to your Cisco Unified Self Care Portal at and a walkthough in User Docs.

What are the current phone types available to Staff and Faculty?

Currently we offer the 8841 and the 8851, please contact your department's Key Advisor for more information on how to obtain a new VoIP phone.


Can I get a longer handset cord for my VoIP?

Please be aware we do not issue longer phone cords for VoIP due to the echo issue it can cause. We do not support the issues caused by a longer phone cord.


How do I access my voice mail box from off-campus?


Dial the voice mail access number (405) 744-6245. The system will ask you to enter your mailbox number then your security code/PIN. (You do not need to press '#'.) Enter your five digit mailbox number. Enter your security code/PIN.

Is documentation and training available for the new voice mail system?

Yes, documentation is available on the IT web site at Instructor-led training is available by calling Telecommunications at 744-7174 or emailing

Can I change the number of times my phone rings before it goes to voice mail?

This parameter is set system wide for all users. It can not be set individually.

What is the required length for voice mail security code/PIN?

The security code/ PIN can be 5 to 15 digits in length.

How do I reset my voice mail security code/PIN?

You may reset your security code/ PIN either through your O-Key account or by calling 4-MAIL and doing the following steps:

  • Access your account by entering your mailbox number and security code/PIN
  • Press 3 to access the PhoneManager.
  • Press 1 to access the Personal Options menu.
  • Press 4 to change your security code/PIN.
  • Enter a new numeric security code/PIN followed by the # key.

Can I retrieve deleted voice mail messages?

You can retrieve and listen to deleted voice mail messages during the same voice mail access session. After deleting a message then exiting from voice mail you will not be able to retrieve the deleted message in your next session.

[Voice Mail User's Guide | Voice Mail FAQ's | Voice Mail Cross Reference | Voice Mail Quick Reference Card]

For inquiries or issues, please call 744-7174 or e-mail